Become a human or a demon and gain a custom magic type of your choice! 

You get to request what your spells do, are called and look like.

No two players will possess the same magic type and every spell is unique in one way or another.

Win staff-held combat exams to level up and gain more spells and more health.

Do quests by yourself or with a group to gain in-game currency you can put towards shop vouchers.

Win events for level ups, money or even special items and ranks!

Voting will grant you a crate key which can get you money tickets for in-game purposes.

Boosting the server will reward you with a special booster crate key full of rare items and high paying money notes.

Make sure to join the Discord at https://discord.gg/VTCzcz4

Create or join custom clans for special events which grant unique rewards!